Read on if you'd like to know...

  • If we can advise you on choosing the right product for your needs before you order.
  • How you can get information on the products we sell.

In brief...

  • BT Shop is an internet or "on line" retailer. Our self-service model allows us to keep our costs low whilst delivering your goods as quickly and efficiently as possible. These cost savings are passed on our customers in the form of rock bottom prices.
  • Instead of employing salespeople to advise you on your purchase, we provide all the information we have available about any given product on our website so you can make the choice for yourself.
  • Our website uses the latest technology to display product information including technical specifications, video content, customer reviews and a comprehensive product comparison tool which allows you to compare technical specifications side by side.
  • We don't offer an advice service on products other than those manufactured by BT [see below].

Further information...

We're unable to offer "Pre-Sales" advice on product compatibility or any given product's suitability to meet your needs. If you have a specific question, we recommend you contact the manufacturer to check it will work in your particular situation.

We're constantly improving our website to offer more detailed information and a range of on line tools which you'll find useful when deciding what to buy.

We have a comprehensive "learn more" section with tips and information to help you make your choice.