Products shipped to the Bailiwick of Guernsey and States of Jersey are not charged VAT. This is because the Channel Islands aren't part of the European Union with respect to VAT.

Our system records multiple addresses to a single account. If any address contains a valid GY or JE postcode, that address is marked as being 'outside the VAT area'.

To qualify for VAT-free shipping, it's the delivery address, not the cardholder address, or invoice address (business customers only) which must have the JE or GY postcode. Channel Island residents shipping products to mainland addresses will be charged VAT.

When entering an order, if you're not logged in, or you haven't yet created a Channel Island delivery address, your shopping basket will show VAT. This will be removed at the shopping basket checkout/when you do log in and your order is processed recognising the Channel Island delivery address postcode.

Note that all deliveries to the Channel Islands are subject to a delivery surcharge (for Outlying Regions) on top off the normal price for our standard 1-3 day delivery service.

Please also note that our service level for standard delivery to the Channel Islands is a 1-5 working days service. Five days is worst case scenario.

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