Read on if you'd like to know...

  • What we mean by "used stock".
  • What the warranty is on used stock.

In brief...

  • You may have noticed that here at BT Shop we offer "used stock". This is a great chance to grab yourself a bargain!
  • These products have been discounted because there is a minor problem, such as a missing manual/software or the packaging is slightly damaged. Or, the product may have been repaired under warranty and is ready for re sale but not as new.
  • All used stock has a 180 day warranty and is in good working order.
  • All used stock has extended information about the actual reason why it's been classed as "used stock".

Further information...

Each individual used stock item has a reference number, and a short description of the condition of the product and why it's classed as used stock e.g. "Warranty repair", or "packaging damaged"

Hurry though - it's first come, first served!

Grabbing your bargain will be on a first come, first served basis. It may be possible for you to add an item to your basket only to find that someone has beaten you to it and completed their order before you do. If this happens you'll be notified at the checkout.

Please note

The individual items will have extended information displayed as to whether it is complete or if it is missing certain items . This is categorised into 'packaging', 'accessories', 'manuals', software' and 'functional'. It is recommended you double check this section prior to placing your order.