We currently offer around 10,000 products for sale on the BT Shop website. Because we sell so many items, the descriptions, specifications, photographs and any other related product information we publish, is drawn from a third party company. This company specialises in providing online retailers, such as BT Shop with the very latest product/technical information. This is the most feasible and most advanced way of ensuring the vast amount of information we pass on to our customers is as accurate as possible.

However, as with every system, there will be a very small number of instances where the information being displayed is either slightly incorrect, out of date, or not available. We do have a team of people regularly checking the BT Shop website to ensure that these minor errors are dealt with when spotted.

If you do happen to experience problems accessing information for a particular product on our website (based on the reasons given above), then we suggest that you try to check on the product manufacturer's website for the relevant full specifications and features. Note that you should use the the manufacturer's UK website/UK product information source and not their 'International' website/product information, as there could be some key differences in the specifications offered.