What is Canary Care?

For older people who value their independence, asking for help is a challenge – and offering it can be too. The Canary Care system helps you and your loved ones make decisions about support at home. It takes away the guesswork, reassuring everyone that things are fine and flagging places where you might need a little extra help.

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Put everyone’s mind at ease

When you have a relative living alone, the same conversations can start to take over – meals, sleep, medication. Canary Care shows you at a glance whether everything is OK, so you can enjoy having the conversations that matter most.

Be better off at home

Your loved one is comfortable and independent at home, and you both want things to stay that way. Canary Care has a strong track record of helping older people live at home for longer. Unlike a pendant alarm, it pays for itself in the long term by helping you make good care decisions, and delaying the need for full time residential care.

Spot things early

Once you know what’s normal, you can set Canary Care alerts for when something out of the ordinary happens. Perhaps the house is too cold, the fridge hasn’t been opened all day, or there were quite a few loo trips last night. Canary Care helps you spot things early, so little niggles don’t get a chance to become bigger problems.

“Having this system in place is just a Godsend. I couldn’t live without it now.”

– Jill, Northern Ireland

How Canary Care works

At home

What's in the box?

  • Canary Care Wireless Hub and power supply
  • 4 x motion and temperature sensors
  • 2 x door sensors
  • 1 x visitor smartcard
  • Contact strips for affixing sensors
  • Batteries included for all 6 sensors Getting Started Guide

What's it like?

  • Setting up is easy, no phone line or internet connection required
  • Discreet sensors placed around the home monitor movement, temperature, visitors and door activity.
  • The information is sent wirelessly and securely to your personal dashboard via the Hub.
  • Canary Care is designed to support independence and living with dignity; there are no cameras or microphones.

For monitoring

The dashboard

  • Log in to your personal dashboard on your computer, tablet or smartphone
  • See your loved one’s daily routine at a glance
  • Set rules to tell the system when to send you alerts
  • Set up a calling circle of family, friends and carers to help you share the care.

Mobile alerts

  • Canary Care sends alerts straight to your mobile or email inbox with a short message so you can see what’s happening.

Canary Care in action

See if Mum's been in the kitchen yet this morning, and set an alert to let you know if she hasn't.

Check that carers are coming and going on schedule. Set an alert for when they swipe in with a visitor card so you can call and talk to them.

If you're worried about possible night-time wandering, set an alert for when an outside door is opened between certain hours.

Staying cosy, keeping cool. Get an alert when the sensors detect that the temperature is outside your set range.

Why Canary Care is perfect for you

Local authorities and home care companies already choose Canary Care to support them in looking after older and vulnerable people.

The system is perfect for you to use at home if you’re worried that your relative isn’t coping as well as they used to, or at times when they need a bit of extra support.

  • Before or after a spell in hospital
  • After a bereavement
  • When concerned about memory loss
  • Following a dementia diagnosis
  • If there is a risk of a fall

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Please note: Access to the information provided by the Canary System requires a monthly subscription. This can be ended at any time by giving Canary Care 30 days notice. Subscription required is £31.20 per month including VAT for full details seen here.