Crucial 1GB 800MHz DDR2 PC2-6400

Crucial 1GB 800MHz DDR2 PC2-6400
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Help your desktop perform at its best. Designed to help your desktop run faster and smoother, a Crucial memory upgrade is one of fastest, most affordable, and easiest ways to improve your system's performance. Crucial memory empowers your desktop to achieve faster application loading times, faster system responsiveness, and increased ability to multitask and handle data-intensive programs. What does this mean? Spend less time staring at loading screens and more time getting stuff done. Crucial desktop modules are rigorously tested at both the component and module levels to ensure that your memory meets the stringent compatibility and performance standards. Every module manufactured is inspected by the Systems Compatibility Group before it leaves the doors. At a fraction of the price of your desktop, an investment in Crucial memory helps your system get up to speed.



Product Description Crucial - DDR2 - 1 GB - DIMM 240-pin - unbuffered
Product Type RAM memory
Capacity 1 GB
Memory Type DDR2 SDRAM - DIMM 240-pin
Upgrade Type Generic
Data Integrity Check Non-ECC
Speed 800 MHz (PC2-6400)
Latency Timings CL6
Features Unbuffered
Voltage 1.8 V
OEM Manufacturer Equivalent Part Number DELL A1229301, DELL A1669630, DELL A1249409, DELL A2149875, Kingston KTH-XW4400C6/1G, HP 5188-6049, DELL A1229321, HP NQ604AT, HP AH058AA, IBM 41U2977, DELL A0913211, HP AH058AT, DELL A0763219, DELL A0763213, DELL A1249405, DELL A1289043, DELL A1213012, DELL A1213047, DELL A0763207, DELL A2061966, DELL A2686136, DELL A2686144, DELL A2686146, DELL A2686140, DELL A2686142, DELL A2686138, DELL A2810659, DELL A2810657, DELL A2129723, DELL A0743627, DELL A2463644, DELL A1763800, DELL A0735470, DELL A0735467, DELL A0735468, DELL A0735474, DELL A0743496, DELL A0743511, DELL A0743512, DELL A0743513, DELL A0743603, DELL A0743604, DELL A0743607, DELL A0743608, DELL A0743662, DELL A0743682, DELL A0743683, DELL A0743685, DELL A0743687, DELL A0743689, DELL A0743690, DELL A0743691, DELL A0753075, DELL A0753076, DELL A0821575, DELL A0913188, DELL A0913205, DELL A1190019, DELL A1195694, DELL A1213022, DELL A1213040, DELL A1292028, DELL A1312860, DELL A1473712, DELL A1763804, DELL A2050438, DELL A2149877, HP AU740AA#ABA, Crucial CT8HTF12864AY-800J3B, Crucial CT8HTF12864AY-800J3C, Kingston D12864G50, Kingston D12864G60, Kingston KFJ2890/1G, Kingston KTD-DM8400C6/1G, Kingston KVR800D2N5/1G, Crucial MT16HTF12864AY-800D4, Crucial MT8HTF12864AY-800E1, Crucial MT8HTF12864AY-800G1, Crucial MT8HTF12864AZ-800H1, DELL A0735471, HP 418951-001, IBM 41X1080, DELL A0743602, DELL A2149881, Kingston KTD-DM8400C/1G, HP 404574-888, DELL A0743681, Kingston KTL2975C6/1G, Kingston KVR800D2N6/1G
Manufacturer Warranty Limited lifetime warranty
Designed For ASRock 4Core1600, 4CoreN73, 945, A770, A780, A780GXE/128, ALiveNF7G, AOD790GX/128, G31, G43, K10N78, P45, X38, X48; ASUS Commando Republic of Gamers, CROSSHAIR Republic of Gamers, M2N, M2N32, M3A78, M3N78, Maximus Formula, P5KPL; Main Station Series P5WDG2; BFG NVIDIA nForce 650, NVIDIA nForce 680

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