Cygnett Fast Travel Bundle - Type C

Cygnett Fast Travel Bundle - Type C
Key features
  • Up to 1.8 phone charges
  • 18W fast charging
  • Dual charging (USB-C + USB-A)
  • 2.2m USB-C to USB-C cable
  • 15cm USB-C to USB-A cable
  • Pocket-size power bank
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Product Description


0-50% phone battery life restored in just 40 mins

Phone battery about to die? This Fast Travel Bundle will charge your phone up to 1.8 times and can also charge two devices at the same time. Need a quick charge? This power bank fast charges the latest Android phones, like a Samsung Galaxy S21, from 0-50% battery life in just 40 mins.

Unlock fast charging on your phone

When it comes to fast charging, not all phones are created equal. How fast you can charge a phone is dependent on the charging speed the phone will accept. If your phone accepts a maximum 18W charge, it won't charge any faster if you plug it into a wall charger capable of 100W because the phone dictates the charging speed. For example, iPhones released between the 8 and 11 series, all accept a maximum of 18W fast charging. The same applies for Samsung Galaxy S series between S6 and S20. The last iPhone 12 now accepts 20W maximum fast charging and the latest Samsung Galaxy S21 accepts 25W fast charging. This Fast Travel Bundle includes 2 x fast charging ports, either capable of 18W fast charging for phones. 18W charging power is still regarded as FAST, even when charging the latest Samsung Galaxy S21.

USB-C Vs USB-A fast charging

This power bank includes two USB charging ports (1x USB-C, 1x USB-A), both capable of 18W fast charging. The USB-C port uses a fast charing protocol known as Power Delivery (PD), which is a fast charging protocol all phones will accept. USB-A port uses a fast charging protocol known as Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 (QC 3.0), which is a fast charging protocol only Android phones will accept, not iPhone. This fast charging rule is common with all 18W USB-A power banks

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