Customer reviews for the BT Whole Home Wi-Fi

BT Whole Home Wi-Fi
4.0 77
BT Whole Home Wi-Fi
5* Increased performance and no wifi dead spots
Reviewed by Dave on 30/12/2018
Had issues with slow wifi speeds at some parts of house. Followed app instructions which is really easy. Once you connect first disc to router via ethernet , move around the house with you app to test positions to place next disc. The result is that we have no wifi issues. When using internet it is faster and stable. Price has just come down to £150 for 3 discs . Whole family are extremely happy.
5* Fantastic
Reviewed by Nick Brooke on 28/11/2018
I could not believe the difference with this after it was installed. I have an office at the front of the house and been using a signal booster for sometime but felt I could do better. It took 10 minutes to install all of the 3 units and it was so easy.

My office download speed went from 25mbs to 52mbs with just placing one of the disks in the room. I can honestly say it was well worth the mony for me
5* BT Whole Home
Reviewed by Philip Burke on 14/11/2018
Absolutely faultless piece of kit. Takes minutes to setup and coverage and reliability is fantastic. I specifically bought this so i could hard-wire my PC to one of the discs (as my wireless adaptor was so inconsistent) and never had a single problem since.

Well worth the cost of you have signal problems or reliability with current setup.
5* Great Kit
Reviewed by Brendan on 30/10/2018
This is a great piece of kit. Having tried extenders before with limited success we now have a full strength signal in all parts of the house.

Set up was quick (10 - 15 mins) and very simple. The App guides you through each step and is straightforward and stable.

I was tempted to give only 4 stars because of the ridiculously elaborate and wasteful packaging that the kit comes in (similar to high end mobile phones) but that would probably be unfair to a technically very good product. But BT take note - it's just not necessary.
5* Fantastic piece of kit
Reviewed by Luke on 19/10/2018
I got the trio pack as our internet signal was very poor at the back of the house, after placing a disc in our conservatory we now have full strength Wi-Fi all the way to the bottom of the garden! The setup was so easy with the app and we can stream videos and play Xbox effortlessly in any room of the house! Being able to set the password to something easy to remember was also very handy so you can easily add a device to the network. Would highly recommend this product.
5* Fantastic..
Reviewed by James H on 18/10/2018
At last... Taken me a while and a number of products (all returned) but these have to be the best on the market. By far the easiest to set up using the app and all worked extremely well. I now finally have Wi-Fi in every corner of the house. Highly recommended and so easy to set up.
5* Brilliant Connection
Reviewed by Charlotte on 08/10/2018
Brilliant connection through out my home and the discs were very easy to set up! The app also tells you the best place to place the discs for the best connection. Would highly recommend.
5* BTwholehouse
Reviewed by Lee on 02/09/2018
I have had so much trouble with plug ins and boosters I bought this with absolutely no confidence at all.
I plugged it in downloaded the app and hey presto it was working. Now for the extenders plugged one in and it worked straight away and still is. Second one which is a long way from the router plugged in and OMG full signal strength so I fitted a cable to the disc into the back of my cctv and it worked. Can’t believe I have not heard of these before.
Yes they are expensive but they work which is more than I can say for most wi fi boosters I have tried.
100 percent satisfied thank you BT whole house.
5* After one whole year!
Reviewed by Peter Dobbs on 09/08/2018
I have now had the BT whole home wifi system for over a year. In fact I Have two systems. One in London and one in The Alps. There have been a number of firmware updates during that time. At both locations I have a Sonos sound system and most of the BT disks are connected to the house modem/router via ethernet cable as a backhaul. At each location I have four disks on different floors. One per floor. The wifi coverage is excellent. The disks occasionally go off line, generally after a firmware update. This is rectified simply by restarting the affected disk and a couple of times I have restarted the BT modem/router too. I would say the system gets restarted every two or three months and then runs problem free. Wifi on my BT modem/router is turned off so it is not competing with the whole home wifi. Since installing this system there is now NO family talk about wifi or internet. It all just works behind the scenes perfectly. We use Netflix, Spotify, Apple Music & Apple TV. It's perfect
5* BT Whole Home wifi
Reviewed by Jackie on 01/08/2018
Have just installed the 3 disc Wifi system. Instructions on the app were very easy to follow and everything worked as described. Wifi signal now so much better than before and finally able to appreciate our recently bought UK4HD tv and all its functions. Also set up a guest network which is brilliant. Hoping this will solve all the coverage issues we’ve had with virginmedia router in a fairly old house!