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Apple HomeKit lets you control devices in your smart home with just a tap of your finger. The Home app is the one app for all your home accessories, and makes all your connected devices work harder and smarter so you can live the way you want to. HomeKit is a hardware certification that works with the Home app and is available on a range of smart products.

Apple HomeKit

What is HomeKit?

About HomeKit & Home app

The Home app, created by Apple, lets you control HomeKit-enabled devices within your home from your iOS smartphone or tablet. By grouping accessories room by room, you can easily control compatible smart products wherever you are in your home. You can also operate the Home app using your voice – Siri knows your HomeKit-enabled devices and can control them based on your demands. Over 50 brands worldwide work with HomeKit and more are added every day. Each accessory is approved by Apple to ensure they're secure in your home.

What does HomeKit do?

HomeKit-enabled accessories

Apple HomeKit allows you to control your smart home and works with many of the leading smart home brands; including Philips Hue, Nest, Honeywell, Elgato, Logitech, D-Link and Netatmo. HomeKit allows you to control all of your smart home products with just one app and your iOS device, so you can easily build your own ecosystem. Think of your smart device as a remote for all your connected devices. If your smart products work with HomeKit, you'll see a 'Works with Apple HomeKit' badge on the packaging. Make sure you look out for it.

About Home app

Apple HomeKit accessories work with the Home app. The Home app allows you to group HomeKit accessories by room, so you can set up 'scenes' for each area of your smart home. Within Home app on your iOS device, you can also tell Siri to carry out certain actions, i.e. “Turn off the bedroom lights.” Siri will then work with Home app to do what you've asked. Not sure how to set up your HomeKit accessories in the app? It’s easy. Simply scan the HomeKit code and it’s instantly paired with your iOS device. Plus, if you have other existing accessories set up in another app, Home app recognises those too.

How do I set 'scenes' within the Home app?

Home app letd you set scenes from your saved settings; perfect for when you like to repeat a certain mood or action. For example, “Leaving Home” could mean you’d like the Home app to lock your front door, turn the lights off and lower the thermostat. Every time you press “Leaving Home,” the same controls happen. “Good morning” could turn the thermostat on, open the blinds, and pop the kettle on. To set up scenes, find the 'scenes' tab in your HomeKit app, tap the 'plus' button to add a new action, name the scene and 'save' it, select the accessories you want to add to your scene, set up your actions and click 'done'.

Works with Apple HomeKit

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In stock

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