If This Then That (IFTTT)

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When it comes to your smart home, IFTTT lets you control, monitor and automate the devices in your home. IFTTT services are created in applets made up of certain instructions that control your smart home and work with a range of smart home products. It’s a free service that comes with peace of mind. Live smarter and let IFTTT do all the work.


What is IFTTT?


If This Then That (IFTTT) is a set of instructions, referred to as 'recipes,' that allow you to create certain actions within your smart home. We know how difficult it can be to get connected devices to talk to each other in the same language and work the way we want them to. IFTTT lets you connect other services, or 'channels,' together so when one action happens with one service, IFTTT triggers an action within another service - i.e. if 'this' happens, then 'that' happens.

What does IFTTT do?

Bring IFTTT into your home

You can use IFTTT all around your smart home. IFTTT works with many brands, including Nest and Philips Hue. Teaming Nest with IFTTT means you can connect your smartphone to your smart thermostat to keep you warm. Nest also detects motion, so you can set up your smartphone to receive notifications when motion is detected – like a form of smart home security monitoring. Connect IFTTT to your Philips Hue smart bulbs to reflect the weather. Whenever it rains, IFTTT can automatically turn the smart bulbs purple.

IFTTT works with...

IFTTT works with a range of smart devices across various brands; including Samsung SmartThings, Philips Hue, Hive, Honeywell, Nest, Arlo, Fitbit and Ring. You can connect your IFTTT devices to smart plugs, smart bulbs, smart thermostats, smart cameras, music services and entertainment devices. IFTTT also works with popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Is my device compatible with IFTTT?

You’ll initially know if your smart device is IFTTT enabled as it should say “Works with IFTTT” on the packaging. IFTTT works well with the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Android smartphones. Create recipes within IFTTT and control them with your smartphone or tablet, smart services and virtual assistants; including Alexa and Googe Assistant.

Works with IFTTT

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