Smart Home Buying Guides

Your smart home questions, answered!

We can help you to create your own smart home, set up your smart lighting, choose the best smart speaker and even understand how smart TVs and home entertainment systems work. Take a look at our buying guides covering every sector of our smart home range.

Smart Home Buying Guides


Converting your home into a smart home

With technology evolving all the time we’re finding new and exciting ways to utilise what is now freely available to us. In the past new innovations would be released onto the market at sky-high prices, but today it is much more accessible. One of the latest and greatest innovations in recent years is the development of the smart home.

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How to build the ultimate smart home

So you’re looking to build the ultimate smart home but want to know how? We’ve worked together here at BT Shop to bring you this guide and how you can build the ultimate smart home.

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How does a smart home heating system work?

There’s nothing worse than sitting at home feeling chilly. You don’t want to be wrapped up in a big woolly jumper when you’re relaxing on the sofa. Some central heating systems are set to a programmable temperature that you may not be able to adjust, but smart home heating systems are different.

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Will smart heating save me money?

Moving towards the smart home is understandably a big change for some people. It’s always difficult to leave our traditional ways and move to bigger, more complex things. Then, to get used to turning our lighting and heating on straight from our smartphones. But could the move towards the smart home save us money in the long run? Let’s find out.

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How to install the Philips Hue Smart Lighting system

Learn how to install your Philips Hue lighting system in just 4 easy steps! If you’ve not heard of Philips Hue when it comes to the smart home– it’s okay. But where have you been? Philips Hue has taken the smart home era by storm, and we’re not surprised. However we’re guessing you’ve heard of Philips Hue and that’s why you’re here. So, welcome… and let’s get started.

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Is a smart lighting system more efficient than traditional lighting?

A lot of questions are being raised surrounding performance and efficiency of smart lighting, including a common query surrounding whether a smart lighting system is more efficient than traditional lighting. Energy efficiency is of growing importance for many homeowners who are looking for ways that they can reduce their energy bills and still make improvements to their homes.

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Should I get a smart meter? Your questions, answered

By 2020, every home in the UK will have been offered a smart meter by their energy supplier. We answer your top questions in order for you to get a better understanding of exactly how they work and why you should definitely get one when offered by your energy supplier.

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What is a smart meter and how does it work?

With a smart meter you can monitor exactly how much power is being used in your new smart home and you can switch certain items on or off at any point – from any location – to ensure that you’re not wasting energy and racking up a sky high monthly energy bill.

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Alexa - compatible smart home devices

It’s safe to say that the Amazon Echo has done pretty well for itself since its release earlier in 2017. The voice-controlled smart speaker utilises Amazon’s personal assistant, Alexa, to work with and speak to homeowners in order to perform a variety of commands and to answer questions such as “what is the forecast for today".

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Introducing the Amazon Echo: the BT Shop Guide to the Ultimate Smart Home Accessory

A lot of the very latest smart home systems have been developed with voice control in mind and making life even easier for homeowners, and we’ve reached the point where we now have the ultimate smart home accessory – the Amazon Echo.

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The 5 best fitness trackers for fitness enthusiasts

Wearables aren’t so much a new and innovative form of technology these days, with certain devices like pedometers having been around for several years and having released a number of updated versions already, but that doesn’t detract from their popularity and the growing range of wearables on the market today.

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What makes fitness & activity trackers so popular?

Whether it’s an attempt to lose weight, an ongoing campaign to build muscle, a mission to get yourself looking and feeling good ahead of your next summer holiday or you’re simply attempting to improve your well-being; more of us than ever before are taking health and fitness seriously. Some have taken to joining a gym while others have developed their own methods of getting fit and healthy, with fitness and activity trackers proving to be popular and much-loved training partners.

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