How do cordless phones work?

How do cordless phones work?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that mobile phones, and particularly smartphones, had rendered traditional home phones obsolete but in actual fact cordless phones are still frequently used in British households.

The landline phone has been around for decades now and while many have done away with the traditional corded or cordless phones, others can’t be without them.

The ability to stay connected to the outside world even when you don’t have a mobile signal is a blessing for many – especially those with elderly relatives who need to remain in regular contact.

So what makes home phones, and particularly the cordless variety, so popular? Let’s take a look:

How do cordless home phones work?


BT Advanced Phone – Four Handsets

Put simply, cordless phones use radio frequency to connect to the base unit which, in turn, is connected to the mains and a landline phone connection.

The base unit works to charge the battery in the phone when not in use and, in some cases, also has the ability to record answerphone messages when you’re out of the house and unable to receive a call.

The main benefit of a cordless phone is the ability to make and receive calls from anywhere in the property. Provided that the base unit remains within range users can walk around the house and even the garden if the signal is strong enough, rather than having to remain close to the base unit as you would with a typical corded landline phone.

How long do cordless phone batteries last?

Depending on the make and model of your landline phone the battery life can vary significantly. Initially each cordless phone is fitted with rechargeable batteries that receive their power from the base unit, but with age the battery life will inevitably start to decrease but they can be replaced quickly and easily with a new set of batteries.

What else can I do with a cordless phone?


BT4600 Nuisance Call Blocker – Trio

In addition to being able to walk around the property when on the phone, and to make and receive calls even when your smartphone has no signal; cordless home phones also have the ability to record messages while you’re out.

Some even have a function known as nuisance call blocking which means that you can block certain numbers from calling at times of day when you really don’t want to be disturbed; or you can even block them completely to stop them from pestering you.

We have a wide range of nuisance call blocking cordless phones available to buy here, or you can browse the full range of landline phones including corded, cordless and big button phones in our online store today.

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