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Home phones with large, easy-dial numbers make using a telephone more simple for elderly people, those who are partially sighted or those that are dexterity impaired. There are plenty of big button phones available and we’ve picked out our top three to help you choose the right one for you.

BT 4000 Big Button Cordless Phone

The BT 4000 Big Button Cordless Phone has a variety of features that make using a home phone much easier. It has large buttons which ensures you can dial numbers accurately and an impressive 1.8” display so it’s easy to see and use. With a range of 300m you can walk around your house or take a walk in the garden while on the phone.


BT 4000 Big Button Cordless phone

Main features of the BT 4000 Big Button Cordless Phone:

  • Hearing aid compatible. It has a built-in inductive coupler which enables you to listen to phone conversations from your hearing aid.
  • Call blocker. You can block up to 10 numbers calling you so you never have to deal with nuisance calls.
  • Do not disturb. Switching on ‘do not disturb’ mode means your phone won’t ring or light up when someone calls.
  • Hands-free. This feature allows you to carry on with tasks while you talk on the phone as the caller’s voice is projected through a speaker.
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BT4600 Nuisance Call Blocker Phone

With up to three handsets available, the BT4600 comes with a one touch call blocking button so you can easily block callers from ever getting though again. It also comes with BT's unique Virtual Assistant, which means you'll never have to speak to another cold caller again. Just press the one touch button if you don't want to take the call and the caller will be transferred to the answer machine. If you've already answered the call, press the call blocking button and it'll end. They'll then be added to the list of blocked numbers when the Caller ID is displayed. (You must subscribe to a Caller Display service from your network provider for the block nuisance calls feature to work. Charges may apply.)

The BT4600 has a long outdoor range of up to 300m and an indoor range of up to 50m. You can talk hands-free, bringing the callers voice into the room and letting you get on with things while you chat. You can talk for up to 16 hours on a full charge, or have it on standby for up to 180 hours.


BT4600 Nuisance Call Blocker Phone

Main features of the BT4600 Nuisance Call Blocker Phone:

  • Answer machine and visual voice-mail. Allows you to save up to 60 minutes of messages, record your own greeting message, play messages through the speaker. It also displays a list of messages so you can choose which one you listen to first.
  • One touch call blocking. Simply press the one touch button if you don't want to take the call, and the caller will be transferred to the answer machine. Or if you have answered the call, pressing the call blocking button will end the call and add the number to the list of blocked numbers when the Caller ID is displayed.
  • Easy to use. The big buttons and large 1.8" clear screen make it easy to dial quickly and accurately getting away from the frustration of miss-typing numbers on smaller keypads. This phone is ideal for anyone wanting a good looking easy to use phone, and its big buttons and easy to see backlit display makes a practical tool for more elderly customers and those with sight, hearing and dexterity challenges.
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BT Big Button 200 Corded Phone

As a corded phone you’ll never lose a connection, even during a power cut so it’s ideal in emergencies. It has large buttons to ensure that it’s easy to use and see.


BT Big Button 200 Corded Phone

Main features of the BT Big Button 200 Corded Phone:

  • One touch memory button. This enables you to select up to three numbers of your choice to call with just one touch.
  • Speed dial. Allows you to choose up to 10 numbers that you can store to call quickly whenever you want to.
  • Hands-free. Despite being a corded phone, it still has a hands-free feature that allows you to talk to friends and family while completing other tasks.
  • Amplify volume. You can choose how loud you want your volume to be when the phone rings and when you talk on the phone.
  • Redial. A quick feature that enables you to dial the last number that called at just the press of a button.

Here at BT Shop we’ve got a range of home phones that cater to your needs so browse our complete collection of big button phones today.

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