If you are a BT e-shareholder with a BT shareholder account number you are eligible to join the BT e-shareholder discount scheme. Join today and start saving on over 15,000 products.

Specifically looking for BT Branded Products?

You've probably noticed that the BT Shop sells products from a wide variety of the world's leading manufacturers... in fact we've got products to suit your every telephony, computing and home electronics need. But if you're specifically interested in BT Branded products, then click here for a simple overview of the BT Branded range.

How to Join the BT e-shareholder discount scheme on the BT Shop

Applying to the join the BT e-shareholder discount scheme is easy, but you must firstly open ensure that you are reigstered as a BT e-shareholder and then open a BT Shop online account. Please note even if you had a standard BT Shop prior to July 2nd 2007 we will need you to re-register. Please see the FAQ's below for full details.

STEP 1: Register as a BT e-shareholder at www.bt.com/signup. Once you have received your confirmation letter from the registrar please proceed to step 2.

STEP 2: Log into your BT Shop account or if have not shopped with us before please click here to open an account now.

STEP 3: Once you've opened or logged into your BT Shop account, click "My Account" in the top left-hand corner of our website and log in.

STEP 4: Once in the 'My Account' area, choose the 'Employee, Pensioner or Shareholder discount scheme' option. Then select 'BT e-shareholder'. You will be asked to provide your forename, surname and the first 7 digits of your BT shareholder account number. Note: The system needs you to enter your details exactly as they appear on your share certificate. Top tip: If you use a shortened name (ie. Tim for Timothy), then try both variants.

STEP 4: You'll receive an email to let you know when your BT discount scheme status has been authenticated (usually well within 24 hours)

That's it! Shop and enjoy your discount!


Who is eligible?

If you are a BT e-shareholder with a e-shareholder Account Number then you are eligible to join the BT e-shareholder discount scheme on the BT Shop. Why not sign up today and start saving money on a wide range of BT and non BT products! If you are not already a BT e-shareholder you can sign up at www.bt.com/signup and start enjoying these benefits plus lots more. As soon as we have received confirmation of your e-shareholder status you will be able to set up your BT Shop e-shareholder account and start saving. (Please wait to receive your confirmation letter from our registrar before setting up your BT e-shareholder account).

Forgotten your account number? Please go to the Lloyds-TSB Registrars Shareview website at https://www.shareview.co.uk/asp/forgot.asp

If you are a BT e-shareholder based outside of the UK you can still place an order providing that you pay with a credit/debit card registered to a UK address and have your goods delivered to a UK address.

If you are a shareholder and you do not wish to sign up to the BT e-shareholder scheme, you can still buy from the BT Shop and you will be able to benefit from some great discounts as a part of the May AGM and September and February dividend mailings.

What will I get?

The BT e-shareholder discount scheme offers you up to 20% discount against the retail recommended price on BT branded products and a variable discount on our third party non-BT products (exclusions apply*). Where we are unable to offer a 20% discount*, we will make sure that you benefit from the best available price. We will price match the product to the RRP on the standard BT Shop, that way as a valued BT e-shareholder you will always get the best available price.

What do I need to do?

All you need to do is set up an account on the BT Shop and register as a BT e-shareholder as described in the step by step instructions. If you had a BT Shop account prior to July 2nd 2007 you will need to re-register in order to take advantage of these benefits. You can if you wish use the same email address and password but as the new site is using different technology we will need to take your details from you again as your old account will no longer be valid. However, it is a very simple process and we are sure that once you see the extended range of offers you'll realise it's worth it! You can view full details on setting up an account here. Please note that if you have only recently registered as a BT e-Shareholder you will need to wait until you receive your confirmation letter from the registrar before you try to open an e-shareholder account on the BT Shop.

How does it work?

As soon as you have signed up to the BT e-shareholder discount scheme and have logged into your account you will automatically be shown your special e-shareholder discounted price. Please note that the RRP price will not be displayed and the price that you see will be the price that you pay. However your basket will display the amount of money that you have saved as a BT e-shareholder. On future visits all you need to do is visit www.bt.com/shop/eshareholder log into your account and start shopping!

Why has the BT Shop been relaunched?

We are continually looking to provide new and better benefits for our shareholders and as a result we are now able to offer you a year round discount on both BT products and on the full range of products previously offered by our sister company, dabs.com. The new BT Shop also now employs different technology and a fresh new design making it even easier to use and find the products that you're looking for.

I already have a BT Shop account. Why do I need to re-register?

If you had a BT Shop account prior to July 2nd 2007 we will need you to reregister. Unfortunately because we are now using a different (but much better!) technology platform we were unable to copy over your old BT Shop account. However, it is a very simple process to set up a new account and well worth the few minutes it takes. Please see the step by step instructions above.

Can I have 2 accounts on the BT Online Shop? One as a normal consumer customer, without a discount and one for the BT e-shareholder discount scheme?

Yes. You can have as many BT Shop accounts as you like as long as you register with different e-mail addresses (we recommend you make a note of which email address applies to which account). However, you can only have one of these accounts registered under the BT e-shareholder discount scheme. If you are logged in under the BT e-shareholder discount scheme and want to visit the standard BT Online Shop to view products at their standard pricing - you will need to sign out and then login with your alternative email address and vice versa. You shouldn't need more than one account as we guarantee that you won't be able to buy anything cheaper on the standard BT Online Shop.

What happens if I accidentally place the order on the standard Shop because I have used the wrong email address/log in, will you refund me the discount?

No. It is your responsibility to purchase using the correct account. Please make sure you are purchasing under your BT e-Shareholder discount scheme account before you complete the transaction.

What do I do if I am on the BT Shop but can't see the e-shareholder discounts?

If you are on the BT Shop and logged into your BT e-shareholder account, the discounted price that you are entitled to will automatically be displayed. Please note that the standard price will not be displayed but you can view your saving in the basket on the right hand side of the site. If you cannot view the discounted prices please make sure that you have registered for the e-shareholder discount scheme by checking under "Your Account". If you haven't registered yet for your discount you will need to register using your BT Shareview Access number.

Can I order by Phone?

No. In order to give the discounts that we do we have had to make this a web only offer.

Can I order for friends and family?

Your BT Shop account may be used to order goods for friends and family however payment must be taken from your credit/debit card and our contract for the provision of goods remains with you. Therefore any queries relating to that order or the goods provided must be made by the BT Shop account holder. Please note that a fair usage policy does apply and we reserve the right to revoke any BT Shop account that we feel may be being used for commercial reasons.

What do I do if my product becomes faulty within the 12 month warranty?

In the first instance you should contact the relevant help desk, the number can be found in your user guide or by viewing our online userguides. They will diagnose the fault and advise of the next steps you need to take. Please ensure that you retain all packing for your order until you are happy with the goods that you have received. Please see the terms of use via the link below. Please view our returns policy for further details.

What do I do if I want to return my product within 7 days?

Please read our returns procedure for full details on what to do if you wish to return a product to us.

What do I do if my parcel does not arrive?

Please view our help section the link below for full details on how to track your order and how to contact us if there is a problem.

Can I use voucher codes on the BT Shop?

No. You cannot use any other offers against your purchases from the BT e-shareholder discount scheme, as these items have already been discounted.

What happens if I forget my password?

Click on 'Forgotten your password?' on the registration/log in page and you will be emailed your password. Remember you must use the email address that you are registered with on the BT Shop.

What do I do if I am having problems registering?

Please email your details to enquiries@shop.bt.com and we will contact you to advise of the next steps. Please ensure that you have already registered as a BT e-shareholder via www.bt.com/signup and have received your confirmation letter before contacting us.

How do I complain?

Should you need to make a complaint please use contact us via shop@bt.com. Please include the word "shareholder" in the subject line so that we can identify your query more easily.